What Is ‘Biometrics’ And ‘Biometric Authentication’?

What is Biometrics?

Okay, so you are roaming about the Internet, you keep coming across this word "biometrics", and you might be wondering, what the heck is that? Simply put, the term ‘biometrics’ comes from the Greek words bios (life) and metrikos (measure).

The suffix ‘metrics’ often describes the measurement of an entity, which leads one to the logical conclusion that biometrics is a manner of measuring our physiology. More specifically, this term points to all efforts of research or products that uniquely distinguish one person from another, such as our fingerprints. That, in a nutshell, is the goal of what biometrics is all about - verifying personal identity.
A biometric characteristic is any distinguishing characteristics of an individual that can be measured and extracted from a biometric sample for the purpose of biometric identification.
Source: Webopedia

The Increasing Importance of Biometrics

It seems like every aspect of our modern living is now infiltrated by technology. As the world becomes more digitized, protecting confidential information has become increasingly difficult. Passwords that were once considered sufficient are now the weakest link in any organization’s security system.

The recent reports of network security breaches and identity thefts (Citrix 2FA breach, Equifax, Marriott, MyHeritage, and Uber) further affirm the fact that a strong authentication method is needed. This has put the focus on biometric authentication as the only effective way to prove an individual’s identity.

What Is Biometric Authentication?

When hacking and identity theft dramatically increased this decade, security experts realized that passwords and pin numbers were woefully insufficient to protect consumers and computer users. This opened the doors to companies, such as ImageWare Systems, that have been providing solutions for biometric identity verification for decades.

By using an individual’s unique biometric characteristics, such as fingerprints, facial characteristics, voice, palm, etc., this data can be anonymously stored in a secure location and used to confirm that the correct person is actually the one accessing their account or purchasing an item - this is the definition of biometric authentication.
ImageWare Systems solves the ‘password’ problem that is responsible for over 80% of corporate data breaches with our multi-factor biometrics authentication methods providing the highest level of user assurance, security and convenience.

In Summary

So now that you have a better understanding of biometrics and biometric authentication, please read more about our Digital Identity Platform which integrates our product solutions allowing a customer to create a digital identity that is fully-vetted against a government-issued document, which can then be used for reliable biometric authentication and managed through its life cycle - all from one vendor, ImageWare Systems. Download our Digital Identity Platform PDF brochure.

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