ImageWare Systems Joins the Identity Defined Security Alliance

  ImageWare Systems is pleased to announce that it has joined the Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA), an industry alliance helping to improve security and cyber risk management by acknowledging the central role... Interview With Jason Bradlee: Head of Security, Fujitsu Americas Thank you for joining us today, Jason. Before drilling down into Fujitsu’s Biometrics-as-a-Service (BIOaaS) please give us an overview of Fujitsu Americas and please tell us about your...

AUDIO INTERVIEW: ImageWare at Mobile World Congress 2018

By now, ImageWare‘s GoVerifyID platform is well established, and so the company has taken the opportunity of this year’s Mobile World Congress to show off how it’s being used by partners including SAP and Fujitsu. Those...

Hack of the Century

“Hack of the Century” - How Biometrics Can Help Bridge the Last Mile of IT Security  By: Violet Le 8.3.2015

If Identity Fraud Occurs Every 2 Seconds, How Do You Stop It?

By Jeff Harris, 12/16/2014

Biometrics as your Password

By: Eric Bermel

Biometrics 101

By: Violet Le

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