What Is ‘Biometrics’ And ‘Biometric Authentication’?

What is Biometrics? Okay, so you are roaming about the Internet, you keep coming across this word "biometrics", and you might be wondering, what the heck is that? Simply put, the term ‘biometrics’ comes from the Greek...

ImageWare CTO Talks About Cybersecurity Threats and Growing Worldwide Traction of Biometric Authentication

David Harding, SVP & Chief Technical Officer, ImageWare® Systems,   sat down with Mobile ID World to talk about cybersecurity threats and the global growth of biometric authentication. Mobile ID World: ImageWare...

ImageWare Systems Recognized in 7 Gartner Reports in 2018

ImageWare Systems, a leading developer of mobile and cloud-based identity management solutions providing end-to-end digital identity proofing, authentication and management solutions both as a cloud-based SaaS and for...

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