Hack of the Century

“Hack of the Century” - How Biometrics Can Help Bridge the Last Mile of IT Security  By: Violet Le 8.3.2015

If Identity Fraud Occurs Every 2 Seconds, How Do You Stop It?

By Jeff Harris, 12/16/2014

Biometrics- Disrupting the Synthetic Identity

U.S. organized crime and Trans-continental criminal organizations have been engaged in a comparatively new line of business, outside of the standard operations of extortion, gambling, and the trafficking of people,...

mHealth at-a-glance

To talk about mHealth, let me start with some quotes from the 2013 mHealth Summit in Washington, D.C., which is the largest event of its kind. mHealth summit brings together technology providers in government, private...

Biometrics as your Password

By: Eric Bermel

Biometrics 101

By: Violet Le

What is your password? Are you REALLY protected?

By: Violet Le

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