Three Steps Before You Deploy Biometric MFA for Secure Logins

You already know that passwords aren’t secure, and that users can’t be relied on to create complex, unique passwords for every business system or software they access. 

3 Ways to Minimize the Risk From Phishing Attacks

Phishing was already a problem before we all moved to remote work, and it’s only increasing in impact and frequency now that workers are all at home. Many common ways that people could defend against phishing attempts...

Password Resets Are The Biggest Problem Your Company’s Not Facing

In the mad scramble to get situated and set up for remote work, there’s something that your help desk is painfully aware of and you may not be. 

Identity Authentication and the Controversy Around Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is alarming and needs to be controlled. 

Top Three Touchless Biometric Modalities for Sanitary Multifactor Authentication

As businesses begin reopening and offices are updating their layouts for social distancing, we’re having to take a fresh look at many of our standard practices for security and identification. Shared workstations or...

Can Facial Recognition Technology Be Used Ethically?

Facial recognition has been controversial since day one. Concerns escalated dramatically during the Black Lives Matter protests, and were finally officially addressed when AI powerhouse IBM stated this week that it will...

What is Biometrics as a Service?

And why is it a preferred method to provide biometrics for multifactor authentication?  There’s been a lot of upheaval in recent weeks, and the existing trend of everything-as-a-service is shifting as we all adapt to...

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