Convenience and Security - the Only Way to Get Near Perfect Adoption

When you’re looking to set up your entire cybersecurity system for maximum adoption, and want to ensure compliance with your policies, the only way to accomplish this is to make it easier to do the secure thing than it...

User Experience vs Security: Harder to Access Doesn’t Mean More Secure

Multi-factor authentication, or MFA, is widely considered state-of-the-art for highly secure access management. With MFA, users identify themselves using something they know (a password), a possession or something they...

ImageWare and ComputerWeekly Interview - How Biometrics can Solve 2FA's Pitfalls

In light of many organizations currently upgrading their cybersecurity away from passwords, ImageWare’s CTO David Harding sat down with Peter Ray Allison from to go over the many flaws of two-factor...

2FA is Not Enough: Why MFA is the Solution to Your Solution

Nearly every personal activity online is gated, requiring a set of login plus password to gain access. The problem is that passwords are not secure: trillions are exposed on the dark web, users create password patterns,...

Five Questions to Ask Before You Deploy Biometrics

With Apple and Samsung incorporating biometric authentication into their smartphones, biometrics went from being nerd talk to cool user experience. The convenience of a simple finger tap or a look into the camera to...

How Biometrics Will Help You Avoid CCPA Fines

Data is the currency in a world that thrives on information.

Zero Trust Security - Why it Matters to You!

What Is Zero Trust Security?

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