If Identity Fraud Occurs Every 2 Seconds, How Do You Stop It?

By Jeff Harris, 12/16/2014

Mobile Commerce and the Emergence of Secure Payments

NFC and Biometrics: Managing Mobile Payments with Multi-Modal Biometric Security With the recent advent of Apple Pay system and other mobile payment systems like ISIS/Softcard (might want to think about a name change)...

Biometrics- Disrupting the Synthetic Identity

U.S. organized crime and Trans-continental criminal organizations have been engaged in a comparatively new line of business, outside of the standard operations of extortion, gambling, and the trafficking of people,...

How Can Anonymous Biometric Verification Protect Your Identity?

One of the great things about living in Portland, Oregon—other than being a member of ImageWare’s software development team of course—is the ubiquitous Portland summer barbecue. Since we spend most of the winter and...

From Pathology Tables to Phone Access – The New Role of Tattoos in Identification

What do Ötzi the Iceman, Barbie, and pathologists across the world have in common? Tattoos! Since the 4th millennium, tattoos have been used for multiple purposes; from medicinal uses and personal signatures to current...

How Do You Secure Devices and Cards When Traditional Methods Do Not Work?

Few question the necessity of utilizing biometric authentication for security, but the battle still rages over the role of the cloud  It is obvious that the current methods of securing our devices are not working. Over...

Biometrics as a Business Tool

BIO-IDaaS – Biometric – Identity as a Service “Who are you?” This question is asked directly or indirectly every day.


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