Password Resets Are The Biggest Problem Your Company’s Not Facing

In the mad scramble to get situated and set up for remote work, there’s something that your help desk is painfully aware of and you may not be. 

The Antipathy Problem: Why Passwords Will Always Fail

We’ve been hearing about data breaches for so long, and in such dire terms, that we’re all pretty immune to hearing about them. Much like hearing that you’ll get cancer from basically everything, we’ve heard so much...

It's Beyond Time to Kill the Password

Are you sick of passwords? I know I am. The kicker about passwords is that they’re the weakest link in the security chain of your digital life. Access to your network, bank accounts, social media accounts, email - they...

Guest Post: When This is Behind Us, How Will We Think About Privacy

This year has been a monumental one, with numerous world events happening simultaneously. COVID-19 has forever changed the world of work in the US, and its effects are still being felt. In particular, as the US and...

Identity Authentication and the Controversy Around Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is alarming and needs to be controlled. 

What To Do If You Fall Victim to Ransomware

As lockdown restrictions ease, few offices are choosing to have their employees return full time. Others, having overcome the initial challenges of working remotely, have discovered its benefits and are having their...

Top Three Touchless Biometric Modalities for Sanitary Multifactor Authentication

As businesses begin reopening and offices are updating their layouts for social distancing, we’re having to take a fresh look at many of our standard practices for security and identification. Shared workstations or...

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