ImageWare Systems Joins the Identity Defined Security Alliance


ImageWare Systems is pleased to announce that it has joined the Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA), an industry alliance helping to improve security and cyber risk management by acknowledging the central role of identity in a hybrid and mobile world.

"ImageWare Systems is proud to partner with IDSA to help organizations put identity at the center of their security strategy, optimizing cybersecurity investments while controlling risk as IT infrastructures converge. ImageWare has a long history as a pioneer and innovator in the biometric identity management industry and our recent launch of our Digital Identity Platform, where ‘Identity is the new Security Perimeter’, affirms our alignment with IDSA.” – Jim Miller, Executive Chairman and CEO of ImageWare Systems.

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Cyber security is a challenge for all enterprises. 

Protecting data in the enterprise is an essential task for all IT departments, but many are still relying on passwords. Alarmingly, many companies rely entirely on passwords, without even incorporating 2FA, MFA, or biometrics. 

A truly secure enterprise environment leverages the ease and convenience of biometrics as a replacement for passwords. 

Utilizing biometrics to secure user access to devices, rather than relying on devices to act as security, takes cyber security to the next level. This is increasingly important as more companies begin working with the Internet of Things (IoT), where asset security is the most challenging problem for IoT platform & application providers. Gartner has even noted that traditional cybersecurity strategies have slowed adoption rates for IoT projects, limiting growth, slowing implementation, and resulting in lost opportunities. 

When you're ready to prevent unauthorized or compromised devices from being used for cybersecurity attacks, or prevent corporate espionage or data leaks, talk to the ImageWare team. With decades of experience providing best-in-class cybersecurity solutions for companies and governments worldwide, we have the solution that will solve your security needs. 

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