ImageWare Storms Area 51, Emerges with Alien Biometrics

Disclaimer: This announcement is entirely fictional in nature, and should not be taken seriously whatsoever. 

AREA 51, NV - September 20, 4:20 pm PT - ImageWare® Systems, Inc. emerged from the gates of Area 51 confirming a partnership with Alien Species 57497 to implement the Biointellic™ Intelligent Anti-spoofing System into a galaxy-wide rollout of GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite. 

ImageWare, already well known as a leader in mobile and cloud-based identity proofing and identity solutions on earth, is now expanding its domination of the identity management industry to become established universally. Alien Species 57497 will be incorporating the full GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite into their systems, taking advantage of the fact that GoVerifyID measures topographical features of the face rather than specialized images. Biointellic adds vitally important anti-spoofing measures, which will help prevent unauthorized facial access to spaceships, moon-based ATMs, and intergalaxy banking. 

Biointellic is being certified by iBeta, which is accredited by NIST to perform Presentation Attack Detection testing in accordance with the ISO/IEC 30107-3 standard, to become the only face authentication system that is frictionless and uses top-rated NIST face matching solutions. Now, it’s also undergoing the certification process by iTheta is accredited by MWIST (Milky Way Institute of Standards and Technology) to perform Presentation Attack Detection and Alien Abduction Assurance in accordance with the Universal Security Authority 5709-8 standard.

“Having entered Area 51, I can say authoritatively that not only is the truth out there, it’s also right here,” said Vadid Gindhar, Galaxy Chief Technical Officer. “Now, the entire galaxy and even the universe will have access to best-in-class identity authentication and anti-spoofing technology.” 

Focusing on the immediate needs of both earthly and extraterrestrial enterprises, Biointellic first provides a security solution for facial recognition. 

“This is really going to change the entire landscape of interplanetary diplomacy,” said a spokesperson for Alien Species 57497. “We’ve had a rampant problem with faked facial logins accessing leadership space vessels and sending derogatory messages to opposing leaders. By implementing anti-spoofing technology on the server-side with Biointellic, our leaders will still be able to easily start their spaceships with a face scan, but will be protected from all manner of the presentation attacks that are plaguing us.”

ImageWare plans to expand Biointellic’s anti-spoofing technologies to address voice, palm images, and other biometric types. 


About ImageWare® Systems, Inc.

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