ImageWare Allows macOS Users Opportunity to Choose

Apple users are as loyal as they come. From camping overnight in front of Apple stores ahead of product launches to bugging their friends about "green text messages", Apple fans will move mountains to have their devices. In the workplace, it is no different. More and more macOS computers are being used in enterprises due to both operating system preference and specific project needs. While users are glad to have choice regarding operating systems, IT security teams struggle to keep the enterprise safe, since security systems devoted to macOS are extremely limited.

Historically, Windows has been the system enterprises run on. To reach as many machines as possible, hackers fixated into Windows vulnerabilities. In response, the cybersecurity industry has developed solutions primarily for Windows OS, ignoring macOS.

Today, the story is different. Apple has over 100 million active users and approximately 13% of the operating systems worldwide are macOS. The number of macOS in enterprises is growing due to bring your own device (BYOD) policies and operating system preference by graphic designers, brand architects, and other creative professionals. Unfortunately, the cybersecurity industry has not given enough attention to this OS just yet.

A critical security aspect for macOS users is identity management. Ensuring that the user logging into a system is in fact who they claim to be is viewed as one of the most pressing security issues in an enterprise environment. Numbers back up this argument as  81% of data breaches are the result of a stolen or a weak password. Until recently, enterprises had to choose between not allowing their employees to use their preferred operating system or being vulnerable to cyberattacks. As a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, an enterprise must protect all devices, not only the majority. 

ImageWare Systems has announced that its identity proofing and authentication platform GoVerifyID, which already supports Windows and Linux, now protects macOS.

GoVerifyID macOC launch phone and laptop flipped

GoVerifyID shields enterprises from cyberattacks by authenticating the user - not just giving access to whoever has a password. The simple process to access one’s account includes entering the username and password in your computer and providing a biometric sample through the GoVerifyID app. Possible biometrics include face, palm, voice, and on-device biometrics, as well as non-biometric options such as a 6-digit PIN or a yes/no question. Hackers may steal your password, but they are not able to bypass ImageWare’s advanced biometric security systems, backed by its 22 patents worldwide and a dedicated U.S. R&D facility.

ImageWare allows forward-thinking enterprises to offer choices in their organization’s technology environment. The trade-off between security and convenience is something of the past. GoVerifyID fits seamlessly with Apple products. It is sleek, intuitive, and most importantly, a simple yet elegant solution to the most significant enterprise cybersecurity problem.


Want to see GoVerifyID in action with your macOS devices? Click below to request a demo.

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