Now with ImageWare GoVerifyID, 2FA and Biometric MFA Added to ForgeRock

The ForgeRock Identity Platform is broadly used in many industries worldwide to provide identity and access management, especially for large scale consumer scenarios.  ForgeRock offers a suite of options for easy identity management, and now their platform has expanded to include ImageWare. 

ImageWare GoVerifyID Adds 2FA and Biometrics to ForgeRock

New 2FA & Biometric MFA Added to ForgeRock

ImageWare’s distributed security framework, or DSF, adds two-factor authentication (2FA) and Biometric multifactor authentication (MFA) capabilities to the ForgeRock Identity Platform to provide the ultimate in authentication assurance, convenience, and security.  Users can simply take a selfie, speak a phrase, swipe their finger, show their palm, enter a PIN, or respond to a secure push notification to access applications and systems protected by ForgeRock. Our capabilities integrate with their existing workflows, provisioning, registration, and more. 

Using an identity platform such as ForgeRock Identity Platform or the ImageWare Digital Identity Platform is just one way enterprises can improve their organizational security. Users with biometric authentication no longer need to remember passwords, improving convenience at the same time as improving security. No passwords to remember, and no passwords to get stolen, phished, or acquired through social engineering. 

ImageWare’s GoVerifyID can easily add flexible 2FA and Biometric MFA to organizations’ existing or new ForgeRock systems.  ImageWare is a ForgeRock Trust Network Principle Partner and is listed in the ForgeRock Partner Directory. You can find us at many of ForgeRock's events, such as ForgeRock Identity Live.  

Review the ForgeRock partner listing here:

ForgeRock provides access management, identity management, edge security, profile and privacy management, and much more. Their access management solution uses adaptive intelligence to protect against risk-based threats and drive personalization across people, services, and things. 

GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite contains even more abilities, and offers a full end-to-end solution for the Microsoft Ecosystem. Agile, cost effective, and scalable, GoVerifyId and ForgeRock offer solutions that empower your enterprise to grow. 

See the full GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite for yourself with a free demo! 


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