ImageWare Authenticate: Delivering Passwordless Authentication with Biometrics

Monday ImageWare announced the release of ImageWare Authenticate, a rebuild of GoVerifyID 2.0, providing true user assurance through Cloud biometrics for all authentication needs. ImageWare Authenticate includes better support for Cloud services, a new client authenticator app (available for both Android and iOS), and an easy-to-use admin portal for managing the system, users, and application connectors.

A key differentiating factor of ImageWare Authenticate compared to other MFA solutions, is the ability for users to securely enroll their biometrics in the Cloud. This enables users to authenticate seamlessly across a number of applications and services, utilizing one or more devices. There is no need to reprovision FIDO or OTP services when upgrading phones or having to enroll biometrics into each device you want to use; the secure Cloud storage of personal encrypted biometric templates breaks the burden of being biometrically chained to one device.

 ImageWare Authenticate also delivers greater user assurance because it authenticates a user against their own unique characteristics rather than just a device, which may not even be under the user’s control. Simply, ImageWare Authenticate validates the person based on who they are (biometrics), not just what they have (mobile device).

 With this new release, we are making biometric MFA effortless and intuitive for users, while improving the ease of authentication administration. Feature highlights across the system components include:

ImageWare Authenticate SaaS

To facilitate the new mobile apps and self-service portal, ImageWare’s new SaaS provides:

  • Support for OIDC, SAML, and RADIUS
  • New self-service portal to easily deploy and manage both users and service/application integration
  • Access to our Windows-certified plug-in for Active Directory
  • Updated architecture and design leveraging container technologies for better scalability, efficiency, security, user privacy, and data isolation

ImageWare Authenticator App

A new version of our biometrics-first authenticator app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store offers considerable improvements, including:

  • Enhanced user experience with updated branding and better performance
  • One-Time-Passcodes (OTP) support
  • Support for top-rated NIST-tested biometric algorithms for face, voice, and palm, including updates to the most current versions of our biometric partners’ algorithms
  • Support for frictionless anti-spoofing, compliant with ISO standards, including updates to our neural network and further optimization
  • Full support for multiple user profiles

 Try ImageWare Authenticate today with a free trial.

Once registered, you’ll be directed to download the ImageWare Authenticator to gain access to the self-service portal to start adding users and integrating services (free use of Enterprise plan for up to three users for 90 days). As always please let us know what you think, and where we can improve the product at


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