ImageWare and Fujitsu Expand their Partnership to Secure Billions of IoT Devices

ImageWare Systems and Fujitsu continue to expand their successful relationship by increasing their product offering integration.

Fujitsu announced this morning that it is adding advanced authentication to its DigitalSuite process integration and business workflow platform. This guarantees data security and user access control on IoT devices through the integration of IoT DNA Security® biometric technology from ImageWare Systems, Inc. The solution provides an easy way to add multiple forms of authentication, including biometrics.

Fujitsu RunMyProcess DigitalSuite provides access to the world of IoT data through business apps and portals that are intuitive, cost-effective to develop, deploy, and scale. Incorporating the security mechanisms offered by ImageWare Systems ensures that these business apps fulfill the enterprise standards that are the hallmark of solutions delivered by Fujitsu RunMyProcess.

Read the Press Release by clicking here.

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