Facial Recognition: When Convenience and Privacy Collide

David Harding, ImageWare’s Chief Technology Officer, shares his thoughts with Security Magazine about many controversial biometric-related subjects. From data security to the fear of Big Brother, Harding offers his sincere opinion on many topics. Below are some of the highlights of the article Facial Recognition: When Convenience and Privacy Collide.

  • How Apple and Samsung popularized biometrics; the pros and cons of on-device matching
  • Centrally managed biometrics: the issues of having thousands of biometrics store in a singular location
  • The advantages of biometrics for security from border control to children’s schools
  • The back-end of a biometric system: data security and storage are crucial for privacy
  • How to balance the benefits of biometrics and the supposedly decrease in privacy

It’s easy to understand the justifiable concerns over the use of biometrics. However, simply dismissing biometrics as a whole because of privacy or authoritarian concerns is not a valid argument either. - David Harding

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David Harding, an accomplished, international executive with more than 25 years of technology implementation and management experience, is responsible for strategic design, technology infrastructure and core strategy from concept through delivery. Before joining ImageWare in 2006, David held several CTO positions, with the most recent at IC Solutions, Inc., where he was responsible for all technology departments, including the management of software development, IT, and quality assurance as well as their respective hardware, software, and human budgets. He has also held CTO and executive management positions at several technology companies, such as Thirsty.com, Fulcrum Point Technologies, Inc., ProSoft, and Access360, which is now part of IBM/Tivoli.


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