Demand for biometric authentication is on the rise

How do you select the best solution?

The desire for using biometric authentication is on the rise. They're easier, more secure, and more convenient for the end user. A recent survey by Veridium showed that 70% of American respondents find biometrics more convenient than passwords. 

Two-thirds of survey respondents consider biometrics a secure and convenient authentication tool. But how can organizations cut through all the marketing buzz to select the best vendor for their needs?

Biometric Authentication

Solutions Review has recently published an all new Biometric Authentication Buyer’s Guide to help you with this process.  This Guide provides key questions to consider before selecting a biometric authentication solution along with a summary, key features, and the bottom line for each of the top vendors.  

ImageWare’s GoVerifyID product provides both two-factor authentication (2FA) and Biometric multi factor authentication (MFA) capabilities in a single platform and is highlighted as one of the top vendors.  If you are considering adding biometric authentication to your systems, then reading this guide is a must!   

Understanding biometrics is essential to evaluating solutions - and so are demos. Contact us today for a demo, and see how ImageWare's multifactor authentication could be improving your business's security. 


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