ImageWare's Biometric Solutions Would Have Prevented the First-Ever Space Crime

Houston, we have a problem.

If you don’t think you are living in the future, now you will. Astronaut Anne McClain is accused of improperly accessing her soon-to-be ex-wife’s bank account while McClain was on duty at the International Space Station. Given the gravity of the situation, NASA is investigating the first-ever reported space crime.

McClain has been going through a divorce with her partner, which includes a parental dispute. While under oath with NASA’s inspector general, McClain claims the accusations are out of this world and that she accessed her partner’s bank account to make sure she had enough money to pay the bills. She alleges to have used login credentials that she has had for some time.

Whether this is indeed the first interstellar crime or not, the one lesson is that passwords are not secure here on earth or in space! ImageWare provides solutions to authenticate users while increasing convenience and security by getting rid of passwords. Biometrics might not prevent space aliens from invading New York, but it would have prevented soon-to-be ex-partners from accessing your bank account even from outer space.


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