Biometrics Strengthen or Even Replace Passwords

The future of passwords is no more passwords.

I attended the CISO Exchange West conference this March. At this San Diego event, 25 CISOs traveled from all over the US for a three-day ‘ideas exchange’ forum. At the kick-off, the event leaders used a very cool app to summarize the attendee’s goals.  One important CISO topic that ranked in the top 3 was... “Stronger passwords or 2FA?”

the future of passwords is no passwords at all

"Stronger passwords"? I must admit my eyes widened and my jaw dropped.

Passwords, or "stronger" passwords, don’t work. Even 2FA has vulnerabilities that can be exploited. We’ve all seen the headlines regarding the recent 2FA breaches at CitrixEquifax, Marriott, MyHeritage, and Uber which have affected billions of users.  Data breaches keep happening.  So why aren't enterprises doing something about password “insecurity”?

“No question that distrust for enterprises managing private consumer data is at an all-time high.” Jim Miller, CEO ImageWare Systems.

Don’t we all have a social responsibility to provide a safe and secure world? This includes enterprises, government, and even security vendors.  At the end of the day, we're all consumers...the continued exploitation of our data impacts all of us.

At ImageWare Systems we believe in providing a safe and secure world. We solve the password problem which is at the root of more than 80% of data breaches. Our flexible, secure, and scalable biometric MFA solution strengthens, or can even replace, passwords.

Identity in the NEW Security Perimeter.

Digital Identity Platform PDFOur Digital Identity Platform integrates our product solutions allowing a customer to create a digital identity that is fully-vetted against a government-issued document, which can then be used for reliable biometric authentication and managed through its life cycle - all from one vendor, ImageWare Systems. Download our Digital Identity Platform PDF brochure.

Final word...

At the CISO Exchange event, a CISO managing a nationwide supermarket chain summed up passwords in one statement:

“If I walked into tech support and told them we were getting rid of passwords, I would get a standing ovation.”

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