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Combating Security Vulnerabilities Due to Remote Work

The future of work will be dominated by remote working, and the pandemic has turned what was an occasional perk into a dominant trend all over the world. 

ImageWare and ComputerWeekly Interview - How Biometrics can Solve 2FA's Pitfalls

In light of many organizations currently upgrading their cybersecurity away from passwords, ImageWare’s CTO David Harding sat down with Peter Ray Allison from to go over the many flaws of two-factor...

Five Biometric Trends to Watch in 2020

Data breaches have become an ever-present threat in the digital age. In the first half of 2019 alone, there were over 3,800 cases of data breaches - representing a 54% increase over 2018. Compromised private data can...

The Impact of Data Breaches on Share Prices

In a recent post, we examined the costly consequences for companies that fail to protect the personal data of their customers, resulting in data breaches and security incidents. Data privacy laws, such as the California...

Data Breaches Are Expensive and They Are About to Get Worse with CCPA

A new decade of technological advancement is upon us. As digital transformation continues to provide many benefits and opportunities to both brands and consumers, cybersecurity issues have turned data management into a...

Facial Recognition: When Convenience and Privacy Collide

David Harding, ImageWare’s Chief Technology Officer, shares his thoughts with Security Magazine about many controversial biometric-related subjects. From data security to the fear of Big Brother, Harding offers his...

ImageWare and Fujitsu Expand their Partnership to Secure Billions of IoT Devices

ImageWare Systems and Fujitsu continue to expand their successful relationship by increasing their product offering integration.

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