Are We Ready to Combat Cyber-Terrorism?

“Russia and China Know More About Hillary Clinton’s Email Than the U.S. Senate”

By: Mark Virnig | 8.11.15

cyber-terrorism_8.11.15This is what I heard from the GOP Presidential debate last week. To minimize further political debate, I am omitting the speaker of the quote. The statement received a nice laugh from the audience and from my family watching the debate in our living room. To me, this points out that we recognize the serious problem of cybersecurity and IT Security overall, but do not seem to seriously address the problem.

This quote, of course, implies that cyber-attacks on secret U.S. information are assumed to be successful in many cases. Cyber-attacks on corporations are also well-known such as “The Hack of the Century at Sony” But what are we as a nation and industry doing to combat this serious threat?

The White House issued the National Security Presidential Directive #59 in 2008, which mandates the use of biometric technologies for identifying people and for controlling access to important information. This led to the development of the Federal Information Processing Standard 201-2 (or FIPS-201-2 for short) that includes specific details for the use of biometrics with user identification systems and to control access to sensitive government IT systems and facilities. This standard and other security measures have been well-adopted within appropriate areas of the U.S. Government.

ImageWare® Systems implemented and supports a user identification and access control system for the U.S. Veterans Administration that supports the FIPS 201-2 standard, providing biometric identity verification for staff at the VA. ImageWare Systems, Inc. (IWS) is a world leader in biometric-based identity management and verification services. We hold 15 patents worldwide, including multi-modal biometrics, biometric-fusion, and anonymous secure biometric storage. We have served 100+ government agencies for 15+ years.

IWS has experience working with the widest range of single and multi-biometric modes including face, voice, fingerprint, handprint, IRIS, DNA, and more. Customers have leveraged IWS solutions for facility, city, and statewide access control, smart credentials, mobile verification, transaction verification and more. IWS’ Biometric Engine databases support tens of millions of identities providing fast, accurate, and secure identity management for customers who cannot afford downtime.

ImageWare Systems' GoVerifyID® is a mobile biometric authentication service that is used to verify a user's identity prior to granting access to secured physical or digital sites. GoVerifyID also verifies a users identity to protect transactions. Users enroll their face and voice biometrics; then use those biometrics in place of a password.

GoVerifyID provides unparalleled user authentication assurance. GoVerifyID is provided as a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution; thereby, eliminating complex IT deployment of biometric software and eliminating startup costs. Also, GoVerifyID works with your existing mobile devices to eliminate costs for specialized biometric scanning devices that are used with most biometric solutions.


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