Biometrics as a Business Tool

BIO-IDaaS – Biometric – Identity as a Service

Magnifying-Glass“Who are you?” This question is asked directly or indirectly every day.

We are often asked this question by inquisitive children, teachers, neighbors, bank employees, healthcare professionals and others.  Protecting our identity is critical in the information age. Business and life transactions no longer happen “in town” or down on Main Street where everyone knows each other.   For many reasons, including accountability and security, people need to know who you are. We also want those with whom we interact to know us.

  • Transactions and interactions are often remote, online, and technology-based.

This is not revolutionary; however, the means to assuring a truthful answer to the question, “Who are you” is just different.  A person who has known you your whole life cannot always vouch for you. Biometrics, for identity authentication, often carries a negative connotation.  The use of biometrics for identity verification is a means to an end, not inherently good or bad.  As technology advances, people and processes change how things are done.  We no longer ride horses, because we can drive cars.  Driving a car is more efficient.  Also, to travel greater distances more efficiently, we take a plane instead of a train.  There are times when a person can vouch for your identity.  However, in the era of remote global transactions, biometrics allows social commerce and interactions to move forward and the system to vouch for your identity.

Business 101 stresses that you know your customer.  By implementing loyalty programs, person to person contact, outreach programs, businesses, and government agencies work hard to know you and to serve you.  People also want the benefit and convenience of being known.  There are perks for those who participate in biometrically-enabled authentication programs. Current breaches to password-based systems have proven the need for stronger alternatives. Biometrics supports the goal of a trusted identity.

ImageWare® Systems, Inc. (IWS) has worked with intelligence community, law enforcement, healthcare, financial services, education, and others for decades, installing the IWS biometric software for identity verification. The collection of multiple biometrics, such as DNA, fingerprints, iris, face, and voice, allows biometrics to be fused to secure a greater level of identity assurance.  As a leading developer of software solutions, IWS has a significant patent portfolio for the management of multi-modal biometrics. The IWS CloudID® delivers all of the functionality of a biometric data management solution in the cloud.

  • Benefit: Secure Internet Access to Biometric Data Anytime, Anywhere
  • Security That is Efficient, Cost Effective, and Easy to Integrate

If selfies are any indication, younger consumers are comfortable with the sharing of information.  Many consumers are asking for systems that provide convenience and streamline their everyday activities, such as banking, traveling, going to concerts, going to the gym, or opening their front door.  Organizations do not have to push this idea, but they should be ready to meet the demand for biometric authentication to replace passwords, tokens, FOB’s, and ID cards.

The younger generation understands that, from kindergarten on, their school photos have been on-line.  The Fire department’s KID Watch program has their fingerprints. Prospective employers request a background check requiring fingerprint capture.  This is familiar and accepted especially when the question, “Who are you” is readily answered and the security, the perks, and the convenience are the net result.

Fakes, imposters and frauds have always been a part of society.  Biometrics exposes those trying to create false identities.

Even the “Dog on the Internet” cartoonists realize the acceptance of biometrics as a tool to secure transactions.


Dog on the Internet Year 1993 - Paul Steiner’s well known cartoon cleverly depicted the concern. Source: The New Yorker


Dog with an iPad

  Year 2012: John Pavley sketches an update on the identity issue, noting that the technology has evolved.



 IWS CloudID® - BIO IDaaS - delivers a cloud-based biometrics platform including voice, facial, fingerprint and iris recognition.

Biometric data is a valuable tool for identity verification and securing transactions for government, businesses and consumers.

IWS Biometric IDaaS, answers the question…….

“Who R U?”


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